Ordering Information

Ordering Info:
- Prices do NOT include postage.
- Send us an e-mail with list of the items you'd like to order and we will calculate the total cost including postage
- Send your orders to: grindfather.prod[at]googlemail[dot]com
- We accept Paypal.

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Grindfather Productions is UK-based underground D.I.Y. label/distro devoted to releasing and distributing underground grindcore releases. So far we've printed official t-shirts from some of the best grindcore bands from all over the world.

Grindfather Productions releases are distributed by Dropout Records (Poland), Grindblock Records (Italy), Haunted Hotel Records (USA), Power It Up Records (Germany),Selfmadegod Records (Poland), Teriak Records (Indonesia), Give Praise Records (USA) Zaraza Productions (Poland), TVG Records (Germany), Twisted Truth Records (Russia),Hounted Hotel Records (USA),Vulgar Records (Germany) and Buchos Records (Brazil)